Manufactured or Modular Home?

Manufactured or Modular Home?

What is a Modular Home?

Modular homes are the fastest-growing segment of the home building industry. A modular home is simply a home built to local building codes in a controlled, environmentally protected building center using precise and efficient construction technology. They are built to the same codes as a site built home. And because they must be transported to the home site, modular homes are much stronger than site built homes.

What is a Manufactured Home?

The term "manufactured home" specifically refers to a home built entirely in a protected environment under a federal code set by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Manufactured homes are NOT mobile homes. The term "mobile home" describes factory-built homes produced prior to the 1976 HUD Code enactment.

The HUD code requires each manufactured home to meet the following requirements:

Built as a one, two or three section home in a protected building center, transported to the home site on a frame and installed. Meets the strict HUD code restrictions for design and construction, durability and strength, fire resistance, transportability, energy efficiency and quality. Built on steel beams with wheels under each section. Meets the high standards for heating, plumbing, air conditioning and thermal and electrical systems performance. Passes stringent third party inspections.

Manufactured or Modular Home Construction - Knowing what's Right for YOU.

Manufactured Modular
Typically offer a larger footprint for the home Architecturally allow for more design freedoms
Home-only mortgage available (so land is not tied up) Unlimited placement or deed restrictions
More square footage for the money Cost per square foot is slightly more
Home can be relocated Finance, real estate value, and appraisals same as a site built home

Roy's Home Center Contracting

"As a full-service contractor", Roy's full service approach will provide start-to-finish construction services for your system built home. Building modular, off-site constructed homes allows for substantial cost savings in almost every area of the building and financing process. Here's how:

upcoming homes

Roy's uses licensed contractors in the appropriate areas in the installation of our homes.

A licensed contractor delivers and sets the home on the lot to the appropriate building codes.

A licensed plumbing contractor connects the home to water and sewer.

A qualified licensed electrical contractor connects to existing or installs new electrical service to the home.

A licensed contractor that specializes in air conditioning and heating installs the air conditioning/heating system.

Sometime around midsummer of 2002 my wife and I purchased a home from you lot in Gobles, Mi. We wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we have been with that purchase.

In addition, we wanted to commend your people, particularly Greg and John. Whenever any kind of a problem presented itself, it was taken care of in a prompt and effective manner.

For anyone who might be interested in this type of housing, we highly recommend dealing with Roy's.

Jim and Evelyn Kelly